Coffeehouse Five: A For-Benefit Coffeehouse

There’s a new coffee shop in downtown Franklin and it’s doing more than just serving coffee.

Coffeehouse Five, a for-benefit coffeehouse, officially opened their Franklin location in early March and quickly proved themselves to be a must-visit while downtown.

The plants, rich colors, brass décor, plum couches, and of course the tree (Yes, there’s a tree inside!) are just a few of the details that make this coffee shop unique. Its "eclectic meets west coast modern" atmosphere is the perfect environment for taking a break from the busyness of your day and recharging.

If you’re a coffee lover then you know the importance in a good cup of freshly-roasted coffee.

And Coffeehouse Five does just that by roasting their coffee beans in-house daily to maximize freshness and taste. Not only that, but their menu features fair and direct trade coffee. Pastries like muffins, scones, and cookies, along with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are also made in-house daily and come from family recipes. Fun Fact: The Parmesan Chive Biscuit was created by the owner’s daughter while in 4H and won Grand Champion at the Johnson County Fair! And if you haven’t tasted this biscuit yet, it’s a must-order on the menu!

But there’s more to Coffeehouse Five than an awesome atmosphere and freshly roasted coffee beans. As a for-benefit coffeehouse, they exist for the benefit of the community- not for profit.

Their net revenue goes entirely to building a stronger community through their free counseling services. Because they know that cost is often the number one reason people go without counseling, they’re committed to providing free marriage and addictions counseling. To learn more about their counseling services, click here.

Next time you’re downtown Franklin, stop in and enjoy one of the many delicious items on their menu. And while you’re feeling energized from sipping on that latte or enjoying that freshly baked pastry, know that your purchase just played a role in helping Coffeehouse Five continue their work in building a stronger community.

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